More on the Origins of Moneyshot Dan

Danny continues:


MoneyShot, (aka: Hugh Miliate) was formed from the combination of
Organ Grinder, Sea Man, butterfly, ecstasy, and way too much free time.
His genesis did not occur instantaneously, but rather over time.  Much
in the same way a good chain smoker is formed, MoneyShot’s super
powers just sort of creeped up on him.

The most fun loving, and yet malicious of Super Hero’s, MoneyShot
is hell-bent on bringing all fun & recreational activities to an
ironic and humiliating climax.

With Enforcer Chimp at his side, he will crush the rivals of Suburban
Outpost II by bringing them to their knees, and leaving his mark.  No
one will leave an encounter with MoneyShot with their pride intact.