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DYWYPI: Do You Want Your Possessions Identified?
The Spirit of Nethack in Clan Form!

We welcome everyone who will promise to uphold our ancient organizing principles. If you join, you are expected to:

  1. Die in at least one game of nethack.
  2. There is no #2.
We accept this obligation with great seriousness of purpose, since it causes our clan name to be printed for all the world to see! Members who ascend every game they play in the tournament will be given a stern lecture for shirking their duties!

Thanks to all who joined us during November for the 2016 DevNull Tournament! Browse our members page to see our clan members over the years and their accomplishments! And if you play, don't forget to send me your Totally Fake Bio and Preferred Death!

For a wonderfully detailed scoreboard, be sure to check out Mandevil's site from clan Splat

2016 Members

The members page has a full list of all past clan members.