Origins of DRAMA MAN!

DRAMA MAN (always in all caps)

Born in a trunk in a theater on the Orpheum Ciruit, DRAMA MAN
began life as a stage hand, forever watching the actors steal the
show. Then, just about the time puberty hit, so did the ability
to dramatize! He learned how to make a big deal out of every
little thing. He is most at ease when he is the center of
everyone's attention.

DRAMA MAN is comfortable letting others take the stage, as long
as he knows his "big scene" is coming up soon. DRAMA MAN uses his
deafening voice and commanding stage presence to stun his
opponents into a dumbfounded stupor (usually in tears), then he
bonks them on the head with his scepter before making a dramatic
exit. If a worthy opponent does not heed DRAMA MAN's performance,
DRAMA MAN has been known to throw his scepter to the ground and
stomp off to his dressing room in a fit of pique (until someone
goes to see what's the matter).

DRAMA MAN's friends like him because he can be very entertaining,
but he does get tiresome after a while, so they frequently have
other plans.