Origins of The Spark!


Here's "The Spark", otherwise known as Sparky Anderson.  He had an
accident as a kid and fell into a pool of PCBs up at the GE plant in
Hudson Falls.  Then, when he was in high school, he got struck by
lightning when he was playing golf.  Turned him into a human capacitor.

Sparky spends most of his time at his day job, a systems programmer for
Gigantocorp.  He's generally considered to be the best in his field, but
very, VERY few know that it's because when he encounters a tough problem
with a computer, he touches the USB port and sucks himself inside the
machine to twiddle bits manually, a la "Tron".

When he's fighting arch-villians, he's in true form.  He tends to taunt
them as he zips by, giving them gigawatt jolts of juice through a punch
that they would otherwise laugh off.  He's hard to corner, because escape
is as close as the nearest electrical outlet, and he tends to pop up
behind his opponents more often than not.  He's also hard to hide from: he
can find most anybody by taking a stroll (literally) though computers on
the net, and once he finds them, he's there in a heartbeat ("Hello,
operator?  Give me San Fancisco."  ZAP!).

Can you tell I played a bit too much Champions in College?  :)