The Unbelievable Origin of
Dr. Strange Foot

Master of Magic & Martial Arts
Whimsical version

One little known New England comic book store suffered from a nearby gas line explosion. A visiting customer, Edward Hitchcock, was knocked unconscious. Buried beneath a pile of Dr. Strange Sorcerer Supreme and Master of Kung Fu, sprinkler system water leached 1970’s era toxic inks from the these pages, draining onto the benumbed body below. Sometime later, Edward awoke, surprised to discover that neither the gas fireball nor the poison bath had ended his life. Instead he had been imbued with the knowledge and powers of the very characters whose tomes had been destroyed! Edward Hitchcock was now a Sorcerer and a Kung Fu fighter! Any momentary regret he may have felt at not getting some of the cooler, ‘high-profile’ powers quickly vanished with the realization he could have been trying to complete his Dazzler collection at that fateful moment. In exchange for no fault liability, the store owner parted with a copy of Showcase #22 (FN+) and a pair of Journey into Mystery (#112 NM & #86 VF+).

Excited by his future with superpowers (and the acquisition of some hard-to-find Silver Age material), Edward quit his job, taking up a long desired nocturnal lifestyle. Where, when not fighting arch-villains, he ponders ways to use his superpowers to gain, if not great fortune, at least a sizable nest egg to provide a pleasant, independently wealthy lifestyle.

Dr. Strange Foot has many closely guarded and important secrets. Such as, he is not a real doctor of any sort, having only graduated from high school. He took to using the honorary title in order to fit-in better at sorcerer’s conventions. Another secret, though less jealously guarded: he is not left-handed.

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