3D Monopoly!

Take three Monopoly sets, six mighty geeks, and snacks, mix well and you get: 3D Monopoly!

On February 14th, 2004, we played our very first game of 3D Monopoly. Attending the birth of this new game sensation were Dave Loffredo, Gene Greger, Joe Fritz, Bob O'Bara, Rocky Bonsal, and Paul Lavoie.

The discussion and debate for the rules took almost as long as the gameplay itself! In the end the rules we used were:

Contemplating our destiny. Paul, Gene, Bob, Rocky
The Boards
Setting up, Bob, Rocky, Joe, Gene, Paul
Look at all of those properties!
Twin hotels of Boardwalk! W00t! Someone is due for pain!
The final board. A grand time was had by all!