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3D Monopoly!

Take three Monopoly sets, six mighty geeks, and snacks, mix well and you get: 3D Monopoly!

On February 14th, 2004, we played our very first game of 3D Monopoly. Attending the birth of this new game sensation were Dave Loffredo, Gene Greger, Joe Fritz, Bob O'Bara, Rocky Bonsal, and Paul Lavoie.

The discussion and debate for the rules took almost as long as the gameplay itself! In the end the rules we used were:

  • The three boards form a tower with three levels (although the boards are side by side for practicality). Movement will helix up through the levels at Go.

  • Everyone starts with $4500.

  • Income tax is $200.

  • Monopolies are possible in the horizontal (on one board) and vertical (same property on all three boards) directions. The even build rule applies to vertical monopolies too.

  • Rent on unimproved properties is normally doubled when in a monopoly. This is applied horizontally and vertically (quadrupled if a property is in both). The number owned is counted horizontally and vertically from the space in question. A maximum of four utilities are possible, with multipliers of x5, x10, x20, and x40. A maximum of six railroads are possible, with rents of $25, $50, $100, $200, $400, and $800.

  • All money is the same regardless of the originating set, and all three sets of chance and community chest cards are shuffled together.

Contemplating our destiny. L->R Paul, Gene, Bob, Rocky

The Boards.

Setting up, L->R: Bob, Rocky, Joe, Gene, Paul.

Look at all of those properties!

Twin hotels of Boardwalk! W00t! Someone is due for pain!

The final board. A grand time was had by all!