Bleeko the Wizard
2008-04-21: Ascended in 53291 turns
local machine
version 3.4.3

I had been playing cavemen, but after my vanished game on the Plane of
Earth (see notable deaths), I switched to Elven Wizards.  Had trouble
staying alive to the bottom of the mines or after Team Ant started to
show up.  This particular game gave me a very lucky break however.  On
one of the early levels I found a wand of wishing!  Wished up charging
scrolls, silver dragon scale mail, and a spellbook of identify.  From
then on, things were pretty straightforward!

Found an altar on DL4 and sacrificed for Magicbane.  Sacrificed more
and got Firebrand, Sting, Giantslayer, and Ogresmasher. Worked my way
down to Medusa, but didn't find a single enchant armor scroll.  Did
find a wand of polymorph, so I went back up, dug out the altar level
and did a little farming.  Got the level about half filled, before
becomming bored, but with that and a little polypiling, I managed to
complete my kit before even going to the castle.

Did the quest, then levelported down to the valley and worked upwards,
mapping and zapping.  Then I went to the very bottom and did the same
thing.  Got the amulet and made my way through the planes.  I managed
to tame an Archon on the way up, and two more on the planes, but I did
not have any luck getting them through the final portal to the Astral
plane.  Once I got to the Astral Plane, I used my leftover wishes to
make four more pet Archons and then proceeded to clear the level.  Got
the +8 Vorpal Blade and +7 Cleaver from NPC's there, but lost one of
my Archon Pals.

So after all that, I ascended with 8 artifacts, but never wished for
any of them, and aside from Magicbane and the Eye, never even used any
of them.

==> See the final stats.