Bleeko the Knight
2006-05-06: Ascended in 55814 turns public server
version 3.4.3

For a change, I decided to try a knight and ended up having quite a
bit of fun with him.  Once I got the hang of working with the lance
and the steed, things went pretty smoothly.  I ended up using my
starting long sword (transformed into Excalubur) and lance for the
entire game (although I did swing Vorpal Blade a couple of times on
the Astral Plane after taking it from a hero there)

I got two nice breaks in this game.  First, I ran across a bones file
on level 9 or so, which gave me a bag and luckstone.  I hate sokoban
and don't really care about the mines past minetown, so this was nice!
Bags were common this game, I ended up finding three or four of them!
I also discovered a magic harp, which came in very handy for taming
dragons late in the game!

Keeping steeds healthy was a bit of trouble.  I kept my horse for most
of the upper dungeon, then went through many Dragons, even after using
a turn undead wand to keep them going.  One ate a chameleon corpse and
changed into a paper golem, another took a swipe at a chickatrice
before I got stone to flesh, another didn't leave a corpse, and on my
way back up with the amulet, I was suddenly surrounded by baddies
including a black dragon who decided to blast me.  Had to wish for a
new saddle after that!

While waiting to recover on the Plane of Fire, I used my last wish for
a blessed figurine of a Ki-rin.  After Smokey IV died yet again on the
Astral Plane, I tried to apply it, but the darn thing came up peaceful
rather than tame, so Smokey IV was resurrected and pressed into
service yet again!  Jousting rocks!

==> See the final stats.