Bleeko the Ranger
2009-10-01: Ascended in 74776 turns
local machine
version 3.4.3

Had been playing rangers for a little while, but was having problems
transitioning into the mid-game.  This time however, I found an armor
shop on an early level with some mithril, speed boots and gauntlets of
power, which helped considerably.  There really wasn't much else in
terms of shops or other goodies to be found however.

Sokoban gave reflection so I was reasonably well covered.  Played
pretty conservatively all the way down and did not go below minetown
until after the castle because of the poly traps.  I still managed to
hit one and changed into a raven, helplessly fluttering there until
someone came along and beat me senseless, but managed to survive.

Didn't bother to use any potions or scrolls until much later in the
game, only found one enchant armor and weapon scroll, so I was base AC
for quite some time.  Did find a temple with a priest about midway to
the castle, so I worked the vaults to get some protection.

On the way down to the castle a minotaur right at the base of the
stairs nearly did me in, getting me down to 2HP at one point before I
could escape.  Through judicious use of engraving, I managed to get
down to the castle and wish for GDSM, a bag, and a marker.  Also
wished for the Master Key of Thievery for the half damage, since I was
a little worried about the strength of the character.  

The rest went in a pretty straightforward manner.  Used an oilskin
cloak and fought a bunch of krakens for the first time.  Full healing
was smokey this game and I got one wish for a wand of polymorph, which
I used to cook up some scrolls of enchant weapon and armor to prepare
for the endgame.

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