Bleeko the Wizard
2009-10-20: Ascended in 63843 turns
local machine
version 3.4.3

Having just ascended a Ranger, I was just goofing around and wasn't
really looking to play another long game, but this Wizard turned out
to be pretty fun.

I spawned with a ring of slow digestion and a wand of enlightenment.
Since I was set for food, I let my pet build up until it was a pretty
tough kitty.  The wand turned out to be pretty useful for identifying
an amulet of reflection and ring of free action at an early level.  I
found the bones of a healer on the way down to minetown and managed to
get some decent protection.

Unfortunately, I was working an altar on DL4 when I absentmindedly
tried to sacrifice a fellow gnome.  Poof!  So much for the protection,
and on DL4, I had a tough time coming up with monsters beefy enough to
appease the powers that be ...

Started working my way down a bit more and ran into four green elves
that do not respect the E-word.  To make it worse, one of then read a
scroll and I was suddenly surrounded by a hojillion monsters, cutting
off my escape route.  It looked like the jig was up, and with my last
turn I read a scroll of taming.  Pop!  Three elf pals!  I named them
Dobby, Winky and Kreatcher, and eventually grew them into Elvenkings.
Together we had a grand time  working our way down to the castle.

Soko had another amulet, so I wished for a bag and a marker.  Wrote a
spellbook of identify which made life easier.  Left the pets at he top
of the mazes and turboed all the way down with of magic mapping and
detect treasure.  When I reached the bottom of the dungeon, I was only
level 15 and AC-9, so I retreated to base camp, wished up a spellbook
of polymorph and set upon the ~50 junk potions and ~50 junk scrolls I
had accumulated.  In a short time, I was level 30+ and AC-46, and the
rest was smooth sailing.

==> See the final stats.