Bleeko the Dwarven Archeologist
2009-11-21: Ascended in 61495 turns
DevNull tournament server
version 3.4.3

It took a few tries, including one spectactularly odd game, but
eventually had a game going reasonably well.  This was my first time
ascending a dwarf and I was nervous about forgetting my race and doing
something Stupid(tm), but it all worked out well.  I found a bag, got
reflection from soko, and GDSM from a throne wish.  Found a WoW on the
floor and decided that I really wanted Grayswandir.  Had already
gotten Sunsword, Trollbane and Dragonbane from sacfests, so I knew it
might take a few, but I figured this was the RNG saying "Hey, why
don't you play the game the way you want to for a while"

I burned *five* wishes without getting it, so either it is sitting in
the inventory of a peaceful gnome somewhere in minetown or else the
RNG said "Actually, you play it *my* way ... Psych!"

Eventually, I stowed all of the artifacts and just went with twin
silver sabers (Slicey and Stabby).  A particularly lucky turn with a
scroll of charging gave me a +6 increase damage ring, and very few
monsters could stand up to more than two rounds with the boys.

I decided to work on maximizing my score, so I took my time and
deadinated everything that I could find, even camping out on the plane
of earth for a while emptying the wands of create monster that
everyone seemed to be carrying.  The Astral Plane got pretty lonely
after a while too, as I worked my way through all three altars.

At the end, I racked up a 7.25M point score, which I thought was
pretty good without going into hard-core extinctionist behavior, and
was good enough to get high score for the class.