Bleeko the Chaotic Female Orcish Rogue
2010-04-19: Ascended in 47993 turns public server
version 3.4.3

I had started this game on December 19th, played for a few days, and
then set it aside until mid-April.  After a five month break, it was
tough to remember what I had been doing!

Found a wonderful variety of stuff in this game, some great shops and
lucky finds.  I had almost a complete kit before I hit the castle.

Did the castle before the quest and while there, tamed Crypto, my pet
lich.  He eventually grew into an Arch Lich, and while in the valley,
an umber hulk confused him.  I had to keep running away from him and
he cursed half my stuff before he recovered!

I took him back up to the higher levels, and unfortunately he went
wild after I left him alone on a level for just a few turns.  He was
still peaceful though, so I let him be.

I had almost everything I needed, but used the castle wished for
charging scrolls, a magic whistle for Crypto, and a ring of polymorph
control for the quest.  The quest was not bad.  I polyed into a Xorn
to get to the nemesis and blasted him with a WoD that I had found.

The strangest part of the game was down in the sanctuary.  I was
fighting past the hordes summoned by the priests.  There were many
tough monsters -- dragons, giants, mind flayers, and then all of a
sudden Yeenoghu starts beating on me!  Well, I had had enough of that,
so I whacked a chicken that was beside me and made a nice statue
garden.  After taking care of the remaining yellow dragons, I looked
down and there was the amulet!  Yeenoghu must have grabbed it before
coming after me, but I have no idea why it wasn't inside a statue.

It was a fitting turn of events for a rogue, so I just said "Yoink",
grabbed the amulet and hightailed it for the planes!  I had to kill
Rodney seven times, and do the complete tour of the altars before it
was all over!

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