Bleeko the Lawful Dwarven Cavewoman
2011-11-17: Ascended in 49912 turns
DevNull tournament server
version 3.4.3


After enduring the Disappearing Caveman and the Greedy Caveman, 
I walked away for a year, but the third time was the charm!

The game was not particularly generous, but I was able to get along.
One of the minetown shops had a marker and found another in the mines.
Also ran across a magic lamp, but kept it for light.  Not much in the
way of scrolls though.  No ID scrolls at all until just above Medusa.

Found a coaligned altar on L5 and camped a bit for Demonbane, then
switched to a mace to train up for the Sceptre of Might.  Threw some
daggers, but otherwise have very little ranged attack capability.

Things improved nicely though.  I took out a silver dragon in a throne
room around L15, and he dropped scales.  With reflection in place, I
went on the quest.  Happily, I found a second lamp in the quest levels
and wished for a cloak of magic resistance.

Back in the main dungeon, I had no levitation, so I dug past Medusa.
Cycled the castle drawbridge until someone smashed it, then filled the
moat with a scroll of earth.  The wand was (0:1), but luckily I had
IDed charging, genocide, a ring of free action, and teleport control
before wishing.  I wished for a ring of levitation resistance, speed
boots, and after some though, gauntlets of power.  I kept the last one
in reserve.

Cleaned out the valley, levelported to the bottom, and then worked my
way back up, collecting polyfodder.  Polypiled to get a ring of slow
digestion, scrolls of remove curse, ID, genocide, gold detection, and
enchant weapons & armor.  After all was said and done, my AC was -44
and the Scepter was +7.

The mysterious force was pretty ridiculous, sending me back through
Orcus-town *11* times!  Kept experience level low to avoid the tougher
monsters, but on Astral I quaffed 8 potions to gain level up to 28.  I
went right up the middle through Famine, and happily, it was the right
one!   No hanging around this game!