Bleeko the Neutral Human Valkyrie
2013-11-05: Ascended in 33734 turns
DevNull tournament server
version 3.4.3

This was just a quick Valk run to get a game up in this years
tournament.  The game was actually pretty generous, so I had an almost
complete ascention kit before I hit the castle.  

Found some cursed -1 speed boots early on, but hey, speed boots!  By
the end of the game I had found three more.  Made gray dragon armor
the old fashioned way, with scales dropped from a zoo.  Plenty of
co-aligned altars, including one a square away from the soko steps, so
I had a nice collection of artifact weapons in sort order.  Heard a
clank in soko and took a wand of poly from a blue jelly that used to
be an orc :-) Two markers, free action, charging, geno, and an amulet
of reflection all showed up early.

A cloak of magic resistance came from some bones so when I hit the
castle, I burned wishes on SDSM and gauntlets of power so that I could
just twoweapon with Fire brand and a silver saber while wearing an
amulet of life saving.  Other than that, I didn't need to wish for

Mapped every other level of the mazes for a bit, then popped down to
the bottom and worked my way back up.  Hit everything so fast that I
didn't have a forgotten spell by the planes, so finding the portals
was a little tricky.  Happily an Umber Hulk lent a hand (eye?) and
helped me with earth and air.  On astral, I ran up the center with
Famine.  Emptied a wand into him, but could not connect.  Managed to
run past, but the altar was lawful.  As level 18 with only 215HP, I
really didn't want to fight my way back through all of that.  Had
plenty of wishes, so just used opposite alignment to end it quick.


Later I went back and did all of the various challenges for the year.


I saved the ZAP'M Challenge for last because I had never done it, but
it was so much fun that I had to sweep the scoreboard :-)