Bleeko the Lawful Human Valkyrie
2014-11-11: Ascended in 28902 turns
DevNull tournament server
version 3.4.3

A quick Valk run to complete a game in this years tournament.  I had
found a complete ascention kit before I hit the castle, so I used the
wand of wishing to unlock the Zapm challenge.  Found speed boots,
gauntlets of power, a bag, rings of levitation, free action, slow
digestion, and teleport control.  Made some gray dragon scale mail and
got a rotted cloak of magic resistance and amulet of reflection from a
bones level.  ID scrolls of charging and genocide and found a magic
marker.  Aside from writing scrolls of enchant armor, I was set.

I finished the Zapm challenge before coming back to this game, so on
Astral, I used an extra wish for a blessed partly eaten chickatrice
corpse, which made things go very quickly :-) In fact, this is my
fastest run to-date by a margin of about 5k turns!

I continued on to ascend a wizard while completing the tounament