Bleeko the Chaotic Elvish Wizard
2014-11-16: Ascended in 38174 turns
DevNull tournament server
version 3.4.3

After I my first ascention in the tournament, I went back to doing
the remaining challenges.  I started with Grue and picked a wizard on
the chance that I would roll starting light and for protection from
poly traps in the mines.

I ran into a couple of bones, including one with a water elemental on DL5! Luckily, I had found a wand of teleportation, so I sent the elemental somewhere else, grabbed as much from the pile as I could and and ran. Happily, one of the things was a cursed magic lamp, but that was good enough for my Grue fighting, so I headed over to the mines.

While on my way to minetown, I found another magic lamp, blessed this time. So I wished up some SDSM and felt well protected on my way down to mines end to finish the challenge.

Since I had a pretty worthy game going, I continued on. On soko I found a wand of wishing, so I wished up the Master Key of Thievery and everything else was pretty straightforward. I continued on to ascend a neutral wizard while completing the various tounament challenges.