Bleeko the Neutral Gnomish Wizard
2014-11-24: Ascended in 36598 turns
DevNull tournament server
version 3.4.3

After my second ascention in the tournament, I decided to do one more.

This wizard didn't have an easy time of it, and spent a long time with
just studded leather armor.  Happily though, I found a wand of poly
and compensated with some beefy pets.  I eventually learned the charm
monster spell and made a bunch of pets up and down the levels.

Soko had reflection, and I started with magic resistance, so I just
made dragon armor from the first scales that dropped.  In this case it
was Orange Dragon Scale Mail, which was a refreshing change of pace.

This neutral along with my previous lawful and chaotic ascentions gave
me the double top for this year


I did all of the challenges this year:


This year, our clan swept the entire scoreboard for the ZAP'M
Challenge and I helped out in a few categories: