Bleeko the Neutral Human Wizard
2017-10-27: Ascended in 47595 turns public server
version 3.6.0

With the coming of fall, my thoughts returned to nethack.  Without
devnull to provide an outlet, I began testing 3.6.0 on the NAO server.
All of my wizard ascentions had been elf or gnome, so I tried human.

I lost several promising games to dopey moves, but the 3.6.0 changes
definitely make the mid and late game less inevitable.  The burned E
behavior made me run a few times, and the nerf to MC means that I had
to pay attention to level drain and other special attacks.

I like the new #overview feature and #terrain is definitely good in
the mazes.  It's sad that potion mixing was nerfed because I do enjoy
a big stack of full healing potions.

Vampires are much more interesting now.  In fact, they were too
interesting.  Vlad levelported and made me search the entire dungeon.
I had no idea if he changes form, and worried about hunting every fog
cloud, bat, and wolf on every level.  I decided to wipe all V's so
that he would be the only one left.  This left a bunch of unkillable
bats. I tried wiping all bats, stoning them, etc. to no avail.  I
didn't even get XP for repeatedly killing them.  Turns out to be a
known bug in 3.6.0 that is fixed in 3.6.1.

I found a helm of opposite alignment on the plane of water, then went
past Famine to the lawful altar.  Cycled the helm three times and kept
coming up chaotic, so that looks like another change.  Went back and
out, did Pestilence and came up with the Chaotic altar for the win.