Bleeko the Chaotic Human Barbarian
2017-11-08: Ascended in 52691 turns DevNull Tribute Tournament
version 3.6.0

The /dev/null tournament was shut down after 2016, but the folks at decided to hold a special tribute tournament and ported
the challenges to 3.6.0.  They said it would be just 2017, but we will
see what happens.

I have not played a barbarian for eight years, so it was time to have
a little vacation and romp around the dungeon.  Got an early wish for
gray dragon mail and soko held reflection.  Sacrificed for a while and
got Frost Brand, so I was in pretty good shape.

Got free action and slow digestion early.  IDed charging and geno
early as well.  Kept a stash at DL4 until I found a bag on the quest,
then things got a bit simpler.  Never found a ring of levitation, so
dug my way to the castle and used the bell of opening on the castle.

Wished for speed boots, cloak of protection, and a marker.  Worked my
way down through the mazes to see if I could find gauntlets of power
or a ring of levitation.  Found another WoW instead, which finished
the job.  Used a wish on astral for a chicken with two more to spare.

In subsequent games, I completed the Grue, Joust, Pac-Man, Pool,
Waldo, and ZAPM challenges.  The Dig-Dug challenge dropped me in a
tunnel right next to a monster so many times that I finally got fed up
and just disabled it.
Bleeko the Slayer St:25 Dx:18 Co:18 In:9 Wi:16 Ch:11 Chaotic S:1352 Astral Plane $:0 HP:304(306) Pw:77(77) AC:-42 Xp:23 T:52691