June Nethack Tournament 2022

Played Junethack for the first time this year and had quite a bit of
fun.  Really enjoyed the flavor of the different variants, SporkHack
in particular.

I had an enjoyable SporkHack Barbarian game, got the Amulet and was on
my way up.  I was surrounded by insects and didn't realize that the
new locust monster had an illness attack.  The "Ill" note was clipped
off on the right and I was slapping the space bar when I got a DYWYPI.

2022-06-07: Chaotic Elven Ranger, 49276 turns
alt.org, version 3.6.6

2022-06-16: Chaotic Human Barbarian, 45995 turns
hardfought.org, version 3.4.3

2022-06-27: Chaotic Elven Wizard, 48282 turns
hardfought.org, version 3.4.3