June Nethack Tournament 2023

Played fast and furious all month.  Ended up with four ascentions,
eight medusa kills, and trophies in all twenty variants.

First game was a 3.4.3 elvish wizard, then I switched over to human
barbarians for the next three ascentions.  Did nethack fourk, acehack,
and nethack4.  The Fourk ascention required a bug-fix because the game
could not create the level with Rodneys zoo!

Along the way, I had an epic splat in 3.6.7.  I was cleaning out the
sanctum, about to get the amulet, but didn't pay attention to the
status line, and went from hungry to fainting to statue while swinging
the chicken.

Tried many games of SporkHack, and managed to get past Medusa, but
bumped a quest guardian while holding Stormbringer, and that was that.

Bleeko the Chaotic Elvish Wizard
2023-06-05: Ascended in 49798 turns
hardfought.org, version 3.4.3

Bleeko the Neutral Human Barbarian
2023-06-14: Ascended in 31052 turns
hardfought.org, NetHack Fourk

Bleeko the Chaotic Human Barbarian
2023-06-24: Ascended in 37128 turns
hardfought.org, AceHack

Bleeko the Neutral Human Barbarian
2023-06-30: Ascended in 34472 turns
hardfought.org, NetHack4