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DYWYPI: Do You Want Your Possessions Identified?

Clan DYWYPI welcomes everyone who will promise to uphold our ancient organizing principles. All members are expected to:

  1. Die in at least one game of nethack.
  2. There is no #2.
We accept this obligation with great seriousness of purpose, since it causes our clan name to be printed for all the world to see! Members who ascend every game they play in the tournament will be given a stern lecture for shirking their duties!

Thanks to all who joined us for eight years of DevNull Tournaments! Browse our members page to the accomplishments of our clan members over the years!

The clan was formed in 2009 and ran until the final Devnull in 2016. Over those eight years, we won the best in show trophy four times, and hosted a wonderful collection of players from all skill levels. Thank you to everyone!

2016 Members

The members page has a full list of all past clan members.