Bleeko the Dwarven Archeologist
Killed by a Gnome (actually Soldier) with a Wand of Death

While playing a Dwarven Archeologist in the 2009 DevNull tournament,
I found bag of holding on DL1, altar on DL2, another bag of holding on
the first level of the mines, and a magic lamp in minetown.  When the
RNG gives that much good stuff, I can't help but start looking for the
other shoe to drop.

Worked through the Gnomish Mines to the bottom, where a vampire killed
my pet dog.  After some thought, I went back up to minetown and used
the lamp to summon "Angry Mike" my new pet Archon.  After cleaning out
minetown, we headed back down to give that vampire the what-for, when
two steps off the stairs as soldier came around a corner and blasted
me point blank with a wand of death!

I'd hate to be the person who gets *those* bones!