Bleeko the Lawful Dwarven Cavewoman
2010-11-28: Killed by Greed, with an assist by Famine
DevNull tournament server
version 3.4.3

I had previously gotten a caveman to the planes, but that ended badly.
After that, I lost my taste for the role, but it was one of three 
that I had not yet ascended, so I decided to give it another go in
this years tourney.

The game was tremendously generous.  I found a amulet of reflection
and bag in the mines, although I did not ID the amulet for a while.
Soko is my least favorite part of the dungeon, so I thought about
skipping it, but did it anyway just for the loot.

I had picked up poison resistance from a unicorn, but a gremlin later
stole it.  I ran back to my stash and put on a ring of PR just in time
for an ant to bite and try to poison me.  

There were quite a few shops, mostly potions, but some general shops
too.  One well-stocked place had both speed boots and gauntlets of
power, which was quite sweet in the early game.  Minetown had a magic
lamp, and there was another in a shop on DL13.  I had been thinking
about going wishless, but both were already blessed so I burned one
for GDSM.

Found about six altars, two with priests.  The first was on DL5 and
converted it after a few tries.  Later set up shop by a coaligned one
with a priest on DL12.

Unfortunately, after all of this bounty, I blew up my bag while
shuffling things around at my stash.  I accidentally put a wand of
cancellation into the bag rather than my stash.  I had put in a stack
of things and as soon as I saw the message that the first one was
going into the bag my heart sank!  I had to force myself to scroll
through the rest of the messages knowing full-well what was in store
for me.

Well, nothing to do but keep at it.  I continued down to Medusa.  No
levitation so I dug down.  I had no music at the castle, so I
eventually lured a fire giant down from the level above, then pushed
his boulder across.  I was about to try a pickaxe on the drawbridge
when I remembered that I had previously memorized force bolt as a good
forgotten spell for confusion in the late game.  I had to strip out of
my armor but I was able to smash the door.  

The wand in the castle was fully charged and I was able to replace my
bag, get levitation, and get ready for the endgame.  I had run across
6 wands of death, and had many scrolls of charging from some polying,
so Astral got cleaned out pretty quickly - PewPewPew!

Then I put my game on hold and went to work on another ascention on a
different server.  Occasionally I came back and killed Famine and
Death a bunch more times to boost my score until I had a base score
that was almost equal to the current Caveman high-score, and with the
doubling from ascending would give me quite a comfortable margin.

Two days before the end of the tournament, I ascended my Ranger at
1am, then logged back in to #offer the Caveman too.  I decided to kill
Famine a few more times just for good measure.  In my Ranger game I
had level-drained Famine down to zero and tried to tame it, so I had
become totally comtemptuous of Famine.

However, that was not this Famine.

A lucky stunning attack later, and I am looking at "You die ..."

So a Birdie and High Score Caveman turned into a Dilithium Star all
because of greed.