Playlist: Show #3 "Criminal Mischief"

2 June 1998, 10:30pm to 12:30am

CD: Crime Jazz: Music in the Second Degree
Rhino R2 72913/ DRC1 1622
Taunting Scene (from West Side Story) -- Stan Kenton
The Boss (from Touch of Evil) -- Joe Gershenson
Shoot to Kill - Quincy Jones
Late at Bailey's Pad - Warren Barker
The Killer (from The Liquidator) - Lalo Schifrin
Danube Incident (from Mission:Impossible, sampled by Portishead for "Sour Times") - Lalo Schifrin
Hammer Blow - Skip Martin

CD: Ultra Lounge: The Crime Scene
Capitol CDP 36129
Dragnet/Room 43 - Ray Anthony
I Spy - Earle Hagen
Man With the Golden Arm - Billy May
James Bond Theme - Leroy Holmes
The Untouchables - Nelson Riddle
From Russia With Love - Count Basie
Peter Gunn Theme - Ray Anthony
The Silencers - Vikki Carr (from the Dean Martin "Matt Helm" movie of the same name, a bit of true lounge bulldada if there ever was one!)
Music to be Murdered By - Jeff Alexander/Alfred Hitchcok

CD: Ken Nordine - Colors
Asphodel 0954

CD: Ultra Lounge: Coctail Capers
Capitol CDP 37596
Hey! Bellboy! - Gloria Wood
Roller Coaster - Les Baxter
Binga Banga Bongo - Terry Snyder
Jungalero/Shooting Star - Les Baxter

CD: Ultra Lounge: Bongoland
Capitol CDP 53413
Dr. No's Fantasy - Elliott Fisher

LP: Gabor Szabo - The Sorcerer
(Has been reissued on CD - Impulse IML211)
Little Boat (O Barquinho)

CD: Space Age Pop, Vol 3 "The Stereo Action Dimension"
RCA 07863 66647-2
Manhattan Idyll
Mood Indigo

CD: Ultra Lounge: TV Town
Capitol CDP 53409
Bewitched - Peggy Lee
Mannix - Billy May
Batman Theme - David Mccallum
Mod Squad Theme - Al Caiola

LP: Lalo Schifrin - Towering Tocatta
CTI 7 5003
Theme from Most Wanted

CD: The Revenge of Mr. Mopoji
Desco Records (no catalog number)
Wisdom of Master Shen