Shirt #3 - Aztec Llamas

Fall 2018

Long-sleeve cotton flannel shirt, in a Aztec Llama print. Now in the collection of Kate Loffredo.

Completed Fall 2018. I first got the idea to make shirts in 2016, after sewing Star Trek TOS tunics for the whole family. At that time, I took the kids to Joann's and they each picked out fabric. I bought what I thought would be enough but underestimated.

It was at this point that I learned an important lesson of sewing: fabric is ephemeral. If you like something, buy enough because it will probably disappear tomorrow. Sure enough, the Aztec Llama pattern that Kate chose was long gone from the store.

Which led me to another important lesson of sewing: when people overbuy, they sell their leftovers on Ebay and Etsy! I was able to find isolated yards here and there — a bit more expensive — but enough to finish the job!

Like the sushi print, this pattern required more attention to detail, but I was getting comfortable in planning the layout of the fabric.