Shirt #6 - Happy Bananas

Fall 2018

Long-sleeve cotton flannel shirt, with a happy banana print. Now in the collection of Emma Loffredo.

Like Kate's Aztec Llama shirt and Peter's Keep Calm and Eat Bacon shirt, I bought the fabric for this almost two years prior to actually sewing it. And also like the other shirts, I didn't buy enough.

I searched everywhere for more of the Happy Banana fabric, but there was just none to be found. Joann's, other fabric stores, Ebay, Etsy all were bare. Another sewing lesson then, this time in improvisation. I found a nice contrasting solid and saved the Bananas for accent. I really liked how it all came together and this remains one of my favorite creations.

I also reworked Emma's pattern considerably from my first attempt, resulting in a much better fit.