Shirt #20 and #21 - Mantle of the Kitty King

January 2019

Long-sleeve cotton flannel shirt, with many, many cats. Version 2.0 in the collection of Gene Greger. Version 1.0 is with an undisclosed third party.

When Gene invited me to celebrate his birthday, I knew that I had to pay tribute to his love of cats. Some quiet inquiries to Helen gave me a bead on his size and Joann's had no shortage of cat oriented fabrics!

I presented him with v1.0 of the Mantle of the Kitty King, but the arms ended up a bit short. I immediately set to work on v2.0. In the meantime, Gene wore v1.0 to brunch in Troy.

A woman asked him where he got his shirt. She wanted to get one for her daughter, who loved cats, but was battling a difficult illness. Gene told her the story and passed along v1.0 to her daughter's great delight.

Version 1.0 with its new owner