Shirt #69 - Super Lucha Libre


Short-sleeve Hawaiian-style shirt in a cotton print with Luchadors. Now in the collection of Dan Murray.

I had wanted to make a shirt for Danny, and was looking around to find a worthy fabric. One of his favorite movies is Nacho Libre, and in my searches, I discovered Alexander Henry Fabrics. These folks are based in southern California and make the most wonderful, colorful prints. In 2012, they made this magnificent "Super Lucha Libre", but by 2020 it was long gone from any of the retailers.

Remembering my early adventures in matching fabric for the kids, I was able to assemble four yards from Etsy and Ebay. It wasn't cheap, but I absolutely had to have this fabric! Once it arrived, the real trick was in laying out the pattern! This is such a big, bold print that I approached each cut like a jeweler cutting an enormous diamond! Each slice must be perfect, and what you have is all there is!

Danny was very pleased, I consider the result a Magnum Opus!