Shirt #70 - Silver Sparkle Swirl


Sleeveless casual shirt in a cotton silver sparkle swirl. Now in the collection of Krista Loffredo.

This shirt was an exercise in speed sewing! At 8pm the night before, Krista asked if I'd like to go to Joann's — they were open until nine and she wanted to get some supplies to try knitting.

Why, if you insist! I browsed around, but over the lockdown months I had completely digested their online catalog, so nothing new jumped out at me. I joined Krista and we drifted over to the cotton prints arranged in rainbow order. Her eye was drawn to this silver swirl bright metallic sparkles.

"OK! Let's make it happen!" I grabbed a few yards, went home, washed it, and cut out the sleeveless pattern I had recently made for her. The next morning, I got up, started sewing, and by noon she was wearing a new shirt off to brunch with her friends!