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Floor Pillows

Version 1.0 - ca. 1992, purchased
Version 2.0 - ca. 2008
Version 3.0 - 2018-01-27

The first version of the floor pillows were purchased sometime around 1992 from Caldor, before they were crushed by the Devourer of all Retail. They had a nice homespun cotton fabric, were made in India, and were stuffed with shredded cotton scraps. They were nice and heavy and great as a back support when sitting on the floor, or as an ottoman when sitting in a chair.

The homespun fabric eventually began fraying at the seams and I would periodically darn them. When they deteriorated beyond repair, we searched the Joann discount bins and found this natural color fabric, with delightful embroidered flowers. I sewed new pillow coverings and we filled them with the stuffing and shredded covers of the first generation to form the second generation.

The second generation was better made than the first, but had to contend with a new enemy: Cats. The cats would lay on their side and use their claws to run around the perimeter of the pillows like magnetic boots on the exterior of a spaceship. After two years of this, a third generation was needed.

Again born of the Joann discount bin, the third generation have grown large, in the cruel circle of pillow life, by consuming entirely the previous generation.