Star Trek TOS Tunics

August 2016

At the first Trekonderoga, Emma wore the science tunic sewn by my mom around 1974 (with a science patch from Lincoln Enterprises that was probably actually used in season three).

Afterwards, I decided to make proper tunics for all of us. I had a year, which would certainly be enough time.

Fast forward eleven months.

The second Trekonderoga is a week and a half away. Nothing like deadline pressure to focus the mind. I had a pattern for a TOS tunic, so I started with a red shirt for myself and practiced my technique and refined the fit. Once I was satisfied, I moved on to science blue shirts for the kids.

Krista wanted a Cage-era Number One tunic, which I had to completely wing, sewing a simple t-tunic with a rear hidden zipper and freeze framing The Menagerie to get relative dimensions for the rolled collar.

It all came together in the end, even though we were hemming the sleeves moments before wearing them. As it turns out, I had oriented the bias wrong on my original red shirt, so I made another and passed the original to Jeff Young, who still enjoys it!

Krista and the kids react with incredulity at some nonsense espoused by Shyaporn Theerakulstit. Photo by Garth Gullekson