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The Justice League of Suburbia!

At last you get to see us in our true hero aspects, as visualized using the Heromachine. Try it out yourself and send me the results! Either cut and paste the text from the "save" operation into a mail message, or send a screen capture (or other photoshop enhanced image). Either way, I'll put you up here in our Justice League of Suburbia!

NOTE 2004-11-15: I noticed that they recently released Heromachine v2.0 and are charging for it. All the folks below used v1.0 which is still available for free. The v2.0 looks pretty nice, but I haven't tried it yet.

Dr. Dave Kaos

Dr. Dave Kaos
Master of Applied Force

Krista Kaos

Krista Kaos
Trained Weapons Expert

The Spark

Packy "The Spark" Anderson
Origins of The Spark!

Captain Smackdown

Gene "Captain Smackdown" Greger
Full Image!

The Mighty Rickules

Feel the Feral Rage of
The Mighty Rickules!!


"The HouseGoddess"

The Celtic Fury

Don "The Celtic Fury" Sanderson
Origins of The Celtic Fury!

The AlphaBitch

Jane "The AlphaBitch" O'Clair
Origins of The AlphaBitch!

Flame Head

Jay "Flame Head" Hersh
and Murder Cat!

The AssistantNator

Paula "The AssistantNator" Popson!

Postal Man

Tom "Postal Man" DeWeese
By Day, Cube Worker #449433

Justy Fire

Jeff "Justy Fire" Young!


Ford "Zorgon" Oxaal!

Moneyshot Dan and Enforcer Chimp

"Moneyshot Dan"
and Enforcer Chimp!


Rocky "DRAMA MAN" Bonsal!

Dr. Strange Foot

Ted "Strange Foot" Hitchcock!

Magic Card Man

Bob "Magic Card Man" O'Bara!


Alex "Yg-Mort" Lipatov!

Mayhem Mom

Viv "Mayhem Mom" Bartnick!
She'll send you to time out --
with a vengeance!

Aero-Rad Calculator

"Aero-Rad Calculator"
John Klym!